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Microsoft Launcher will Track Kid’s Activity

Microsoft’s Launcher is a formidable option when it involves android Launchers. Microsoft initial tried their hands with the arrow app so they shifted to the feature-rich launcher. the corporate has currently added one more utility feature to the Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft has baked in a very feature that enables oldsters to trace their children.

Microsoft launcher screenshot

The new feature was proclaimed as a part of a Microsoft event that focussed on options regarding youngsters. alternative options embody the feature to block certain websites on Microsoft Edge on android and additionally a news site dedicated to the children. As of currently Microsoft’s Family group settings already allowed the parents to set bound restrictions for the children and additionally track their activity on Windows ten and Xbox One devices.

Now Microsoft has bundled the new following tool with the android Launcher. The feature works by fetching the latest location of your children among the customized news feed. so as for this to figure you would like to set a family group when installing the Microsoft Launcher on your android. As explained earlier oldsters also will be able to read the recent activities across all devices together with Xbox One and Windows ten computer.

It is spectacular however Microsoft is diluting the boundaries between platforms and is slowly turning itself into an organization that’s platform agnostic. except the slew of apps for android and iOS currently Microsoft is additionally providing a website blocking feature on Microsoft Edge. With this in place, the Microsoft Launcher can progress as a hub to trace your children activity across all devices.

In the recent past GPS devices to trace your children haven’t only been accessible however reasonable likewise. That being aforementioned, child rights and privacy campaigners are disturbed that this can hinder the kid’s growth and can not permit them to be freelance. If such trackers become thought the humanity can run the danger of getting a whole generation that’s raised on the thought of acceptive police work.

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