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Amazing Uses of Linux-Try Now

We all know that Linux is highly customizable and adaptive operating system. And it is free yo use with many surprising features. And it is safe too. Including running a PC we can do many amazing things with Linux OS and I’m sure you haven’t heard about these uses or “projects’ that you can do at home. The Blog Insight has collected few DIY projects for your interest. Here are some surprising uses of Linux OS other than running a PC:

1. Analyze and Monitor Your Solar Panels      


The solar panels are becoming cheaper day-by-days and the affordability of this are increasing since couple of years. It saves our money and Environment too and it is easy to handle. By installing Solar Panels you can save lot of money from your pocket. These efficient panels can charge the battery even in less-sunny regions.

How much energy are you getting from your panels? Are you getting a solid return on your investment? The US Department of Energy provides the PVWatts site as a free way to answer these questions. But if you want to get more insight data, the department has released its System Advisor Model tool as open-source software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Water Your Yard or Garden     

Yes, you read this right. Linux can be helpful for watering your garden. You can make sprinkler controller for the job of spraying water across the plants in your garden. With Linux and an old computer or a small single-board PC (such as Arduino hardware or a Raspberry Pi), you can take matters into your own hands.

3. Automate Drones by Linux    

You can control your drones with this OS. By doing some assembly procedures you can controll your own drones. Linux powers the controller program on your PC, rather than the code on the drone itself. However you shake it, Linux is an active part of the drone ecosystem.

ArduPilot is a popular open source autopilot program that you can use on Linux. With open supported hardwares, such as the Pixhawk series, you can configure your own autonomous vehicle to take to the skies. You can check into Linux.com for a lengthy list of projects.

4. Monitor Earthquakes     

You can prevent this natural disaster by prediction with the help of Linux OS. The United states Geological Survey has provided a program called ShakeCast. It can send notifications within minutes of an earthquake.

The software depends on ShakeMap, which shows the magnitude of an earthquake and the affected area. For this, you have to install a server version of Linux (CentOS 6 is recomended). You can do this also by Windows OS but we strongly recomend Linux.

5. Design Your Own Car Dashboard     

All the cars have its own guagges for monitorong various metrics when your car is running. Most of the modern cars have this facility and the they show these datas digitally. Most of these digital guages runs on Linux. You can make your one of this by your own skills.

A few developers have experimented with the idea using Linux and the Qt toolkit, or you can cobble together something using a Raspberry Pi (shown in the video above).

Though you may find pairing an OBD2 dongle with an Android app to be a more pragmatic option


6. Control Your Home’s Indoor Climate     

You can’t buy a thermostat from a hardware store these days without seeing a selection of “smart” options front and center. Someone has made their own using a Raspberry Pi, and you can do the same. You do also need a relay module for HVAC controller and a digital temperature sensor, plus a willingness to learn some code.

If you have similar geeky ideas you can tell us in the comment section.

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